2500 Series - Stainless Steel Cover Trims

Floor Access Covers / Manhole Covers
2500 Series - Stainless Steel Cover Trims

  • All types of heavy duty timber floors.


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Product description:

Recessed floor access/ duct* cover and frame trims shall be Howe Green Ltd 2500 series manufactured from stainless steel and fitted with stainless steel securing bolts. Overall outer frame sizes shall be ....+ mm x ....+ mm.  Covers are to be supplied with ....+ sets of combined lifting/ securing keys. All to be manufactured and supplied by Howe Green Ltd, Marsh Lane, Ware, Hertfordshire, SG12 QQ, Great Britain, and installed in accordance with the manufacturer´s installation details and sitework guide.

*Delete as appropriate. +Insert appropriate numbers & quantities.

Typical flooring:
  • Heavy duty wood floors
pedestrian area
A15 (15 kN)
    foot traffic
    heavy-duty wooden floor
    single flap
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Additional Information

Additional Information

description size Overall frame size = clear opening + 70 mm e. g. 250 x 250 mm clear opening = 320 x 320 mm overall fram.
trapdoors type trapdoor made of stainless steel for wood slats
series 2500
line Premium-Line
performance pedestrian area
material stainless steel
Fire Protection Non-Rated
charging A15 (15 kN)
trapdoor thickness 25
spezification foot traffic, heavy-duty wooden floor, single flap
fillable hard flooring
variants trapdoor single flap

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