1050 Series - Stainless Steel Single Cover

Floor Access Covers / Manhole Covers
1050 Series - Stainless Steel Single Cover

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Product description:

Recessed floor access/ duct/ multipart* covers and frames shall be   Howe Green Ltd 1050 series, stainless steel with stainless steel base  plate  and reinforcement, double sealed with socket head securing bolts/   unsealed with blanking bolts*. Sizes shall be as shown on contract   drawings nos ....+ Covers to be supplied comlete with ....+ sets of   combined lifting/ securing keys. All to be manufactured and supplied by   Howe Green Ltd, Marsh Lane, Ware, Hertfordshire, SG12 9QQ, Great   Britain, and installed in accordance with the manufacturer´s   installation details and sitework guide.

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Typical flooring:
  • concrete
  • granite
  • stone pavement
up to 6,5t
Double seal. Inset lifting points.
C250 (250 kN)
    access panel
    cars and easy vans
    hard floor covering
    multi flap
    single flap
Installation video
How-to video
Additional Information

Additional Information

description size

Overall frame size = clear opening + 130 mm e. g. 600 x 900 mm clear opening = 730 x 1030 mm overall frame.

trapdoors type flap made of stainless steel
series 1050
line Premium-Line
performance up to 6,5t
description weight A 1050 series cover when filled with concrete weighs approx. 220 kg/ m2.
material stainless steel
Fire Protection Fire-Rated
charging C250 (250 kN)
trapdoor thickness 105
assisted opening removable
option Double seal. Inset lifting points.
spezification access panel, cars and easy vans, hard floor covering, multi flap, single flap
fillable hard flooring
variants trapdoor access panel, multipart flap, single flap

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